German Quality Cash Register & POS Systems


With numerous successful installations in Australia, It is time for the “Outback” of Australia to meet the “Back of Beyond” in the USA.

Based in Albuquerque New Mexico, Sydney Cash Registers has teamed up with Myles Carlisle of MOOSE CASH REGISTERS to bring an innovative and unique range of solutions and support based on the tried and trusted Quorion product line.

For the purpose of this introduction, we will use only three products, each one providing a simple solution for the most common applications specifically;

  • The small café or corner store (“mom and pop”)
  • Single site Café/Restaurant
  • Multiple site “family” restaurant, bakery, or retail outlets.

We chose Albuquerque for our introduction because we believe that from this base we can easily service not only New Mexico but the whole region from Montana in the North to Texas in the south.

Not a big undertaking when you consider the vast distances in Australia.

The Simplicity and Reliability of Quorion makes this possible.

Technology has moved on and so must we in the business.  We utilise all available technology to provide our solutions which include;

  • Check Out Lanes with Scales and Scanners
  • Deli sales where the product is packed and wrapped in the deli and scanned at the register
  • EFTPOS integration with a proven Payment Gateway partner
  • Wide area network implementation for centralised reporting and management
  • Multiple register solutions with Remote Printing for order preparation including Kitchen Video Systems.

All this and more in one package from Sydcash and Quorion

We do not need a vast and confusing range of product to do this and the following products will do the job adequately and professionally.


restaurant-pos-system-qtouch15with 2 lines internal customer display is the cornerstone of the “touch screen” solutions servicing the hospitality and retail market sector.

No third party software or operating system required, it is all on board at no extra cost.  The innovative “QProg” App will make the job of maintenance and reporting a routine and simple operation for the owner and their staff.

Integrated LAN , Multiple serial ports and USB provide connections for ALL necessary options as required. Read the detailed specification of Qtouch 15 here.

QTouch 10

Qtouch 10 complete POS systemis an innovative integrated design featuring a 10”touch display (the size of an Ipad) with an inbuilt printer and bright Customer Display.

Also included are the LAN, Serial and USB ports as well as the “Dallas” key for clerk interrupt operations.

The small footprint and integrated design are features often found as “options’ with other manufacturers guaranteeing you have everything you need in one package.


QMP 50 Cheap Cash Register Solutionis another “unique” solution from Quorion.  Packaged with a handheld scanner, this unit outperforms and outclasses its would be competitors.

The small foot print belies the power that can be unleashed by this mighty mouse.

A compact 9v Cash  Drawer completes the exercise in miniaturization ensuring that this unit will not only fit your budget, but also your counter.


With only the products listed above Sydcash is able to provide over 80% of the market requirement.  Couple this with our “replacement warranty” policy and a “global” support network of experienced support staff with “real experience” and you have an unparalleled and unbeatable solution provider

Give us a call today and taste the difference (you will hear it as well).

For more information on Quorion visit and Sydcash at